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Our Mission

“Provide and execute successful creative internet marketing strategy plans using customized approaches to re-design, SEO and social media marketing for small – medium size businesses to obtain local exposure and market domination.  Substantially increase clients return on investment within 30 – 90 days, creating jobs and stimulating local economies all over the country. 

We do this by being the Expert Consultants and thought leaders in our field on the cutting edge of internet marketing instead of just another service provider.”

Getting Traffic To Come To YouHello!  I am Katheryn Olsen, an internet marketing expert.  I have developed, launched and published a variety of copyrighted internet educational curriculum, such as Getting Traffic To Come To You, Internet Marketing Success, Blogging Teleclasses, Search Engine Optimization, “How To Become an Internet-Preneur“, Internet Auction Basics, ebooks, including “3 Critical Factors of Internet Success”.

I have successfully consulted national and international start-ups and growth companies on internet marketing, social media – specializing in Facebook, SEO & SEM, first page of google positioning, blogging for traffic, PPC, email marketing, website design, affiliate marketing, business planning, publishing options, article marketing, etc.

I have coached Olympic Gold Medalists, best-selling authors, successful CEO’s, construction workers, nurses, website designers, University marketing directors, internet business gurus, authors, info-preneurs, real estate investors and agents, restaurant owners, graphic artists, eBay merchants, event planners, network marketers, home-based businesses, and other coaches.

In addition, I have over 18 years specialized internet marketing and design experience which I have used with the majority of startups that I have consulted with to expand their current marketing efforts to the internet.

I have been featured over the years in local Chamber of Commerce publications, as well as online international publications, writing and publishing articles on how to launch and improve business on the internet as well as the self-help industry.

Humble Beginnings in Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing Services HistoryBack in 1994, I was one of the original officers of a construction contractor consulting company out of Salt Lake City, Utah. I created and systematized many of the processes that company still uses today, long after the sale of that company to its competition.

I then developed an internet business and designed my own website through an affiliate/associate program as a test market site to see if my business and marketing strategies would work on the internet.

I discovered that many concepts remained the same. I had to create systems that worked, including marketing, advertising, media attention, etc., but also found out that internet business has even more intricacies than real world business.

It took me 6 months to research my business idea, and then another 3 months to get a basic knowledge of the differences of real world business and internet business.

But, I was on my way.

Once I officially launched my internet business, the first month I made a net profit of $5.98!

But, HEY! I was able to go to Wendy’s and get a hot chili and a diet coke!

Things were looking up, so I decided to learn build many systems and learn all there is to know in building internet businesses.

Steady Growth

Business Growth Over The YearsOver the months and years, as my sites increased it’s revenue, I did exactly what I decided to do. I learned everything I could find about internet and website marketing and designed and built another website business. I launched it 18 months later and in much less time than the first one, using my same system. It started making money the first month, too. Quite a bit more money.

I was onto something. Something great…


I have since built many other online businesses for myself and others and I am now here to help you!

My singular goal:  To make you substantially more money than you will EVER pay us using creative internet marketing strategies.

We saturate your market with your message, you watch your bank account blow up!

 Call me at 801.564.9505 for information and a quote on our bundled packages, pricing and a creative internet marketing strategy consultation.