Flippa Information

Congratulations on your new website!

Here are some instructions for you in getting your new site transferred over to your name.

1)  Please make payment within the next 72 hours

2)  The first thing you will need is a hosting company.  If you do not all ready have hosting and the site didn’t come with free hosting like some do, then we recommend GoDaddy.com or Namecheap.com to host your domain name and HostGator to host the website.

To transfer the domain name into your name, click here.

To get hosting, click here.

3) Once payment has been confirmed, then initiating a domain transfer is next.

4)  I will send to you the standard Flippa Sale Agreement via email for your signature.  Sign, date and email it back.  I will sign it and email you the final copy for our records.

If you have only bought a domain name only, then we stop here…we are done!  If you bought a website, read on.

5)  Once the domain has been transferred, then you will need to email katolsen101@gmail.com your hosting login and domain login so we can get the site transferred over to you.

So, in 5 easy steps, you will have control and ownership of your new website!

You can call if you have any questions at 801.564.9505